Exploring Figma's Top 4 ML Image Creation Plugins

Exploring Figma plugins which focus on AI / ML based image generation or search; primarily for backgrounds and patterns.

Figma is a cloud-based design and prototyping tool. It allows teams to collaborate while creating graphics, layouts, and interactive designs. Used for user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design, it's also used for other types of design work.

Working with images, designers regularly face the challenge of searching and using images in their designs. Usually done through Adobe, Shutter stock or other stock image websites. Regardless of image sources at our disposal, creative selection lies solely in the hands of our designers.

This is where Figma plug-ins come in. Plug-ins enhance the experience of creating designs. Think of these like your co-pilot; saving you time while you focus on the creative parts of your journey.

I am curious to explore Figma plugins which focus on AI / ML based image generation or search; primarily for backgrounds and patterns. Recent innovations in the field of machine learning-based image generation has opened new doors!

Here are a few Figma Plugins either using DALLE 2 models, or Stable Diffusion V1. Some plugins requiring DALL-E Tokens aren't reviewed.

Most were okay for playing with art styles, paintings and subject-focused output.

Pics AI [Recommended]

PicsAI will give your design ideas a voice. Just provide a text or image and within seconds, PicsAI will create a multi-version of your design in different sizes --- all for free!

  • Easy to use UI
  • Searches Lexica DB (e.g., https://lexica.art/). Easy to find pre-created assets
  • Few advanced filters available
Sample Prompt: futuristic background with data and graphs

Ghost Artist [Recommended #2]

🎨 Describe the art you want and get it in your Figma file immediately

  • See it in action after you enter "a cat is dressed like a human and shopping in a fish market"
  • See the drawing in 30 seconds right in your Figma file

![[Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 12.35.03 PM.png|400]]

  • Good, simple UI
  • Outputs 4 images at a time
  • All these are missing "abstract" art style pre-sets
  • Image output is 500x500


Conjure.ai helps you create visual assets for your designs based purely on text input and a few easy choices.

Describe the image you'd like to create, choose a visual style, select a color pallette, and click CREATE to see the magic of AI image generation at work.

  • Does not give options or advanced options
  • Image output limited to single image at 500x500
  • Preset styles but useless for background or pattern images.
Sample Prompt: futuristic background with data and graphs


Picon allows you to generate high quality images by simply writing what you would like to see. Use it directly from the Figma quick actions or go deep into modifier settings to customize your experience.

  • Requires Sign Up
  • UI is buggy
  • Image output limited to single image at 512x512
  • Seems like it's using an old ML model (Stable Diff?)
Sample Prompt: futuristic background with data and graphs

Magestic - AI Generated Icon Set

AI-powered text to image and pre-curated, high quality, unique icon sets. Speak your graphics and icons into existence, directly in Figma.

Not recommended at all as it's focused on icon creation, and needs some form of Google Login.

Ando - AI Co Pilot for Designers

Ando AI helps you generate millions of design ideas from prompts, shapes, and images. Interesting concept of using a Figma Frame as ref and generating ideas based on that.

Weird output for the tested prompt. Seems like an old ML model is used.

Stable Pixel AI

Generate image assets for your design projects using text prompts. All without leaving Figma. Describe the image you want and Stable Pixel will create it for you.

Doesn't work as of Dec 28 2022.


Generate, edit, create variants for images with Summon.AI free & open-source design tool powered by DALL-E-2. Discover what other users have generated and share your generated pieces with the world via the new save images feature.

HAS 3 OPTIONS: Generate Images, Generate Variants, Edit Image.

Needs DALLE Token and didn't test.

A need for a background, pattern plug-in

Seems like most of the above plug-ins focus on artistic image generation using DALLE or the Stable Diffusion V1.

Wondering if there's a need for a pure pattern / background generator for Figma.

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